inhousekreasi is a new breed of creative production house based in Jakarta, Indonesia. We are conveniently located minutes away from the beating hearts of restaurants, shops and clubs.


Together with a team of optimistic and talented specialists our mission is to practice and advance the principles of digital broadcast designs and new media developments that would bring our clients end products that are made with passion and the best creative minds.


Since our founding inhousekreasi have continually strived and succeeded in collaborating with clients in developing ideas to execute their creative concepts and engage with them at every stage of the creative flow hence teamwork at its best. Your projects will receive careful and complete consideration during the entire process and be given a full standard accountable finish and delivery. Our main objective is to turn your ideas and dreams into a creative reality and masterpiece. No matter what you need, when or where you need it, you can count on inhousekreasi to get it done within your deadline and satisfaction. Come inside our creative house!


  • Almer Ilpasha

    Founder / Creative Director / Film Director

    Equipped with a well balance of entrepreneurial skills, love for his work and mind-boggling visions, Almer is one of the founders of inhousekreasi. With over a decade of experience in the broadcasting industry in Indonesia, Almer began his career as an Art Director at Broadcast Design Indonesia. He then joined one of Indonesia’s largest TV networks: SCTV and received various international awards there. Together with a few of his producers Almer went to extend his creativity at ASTRO TV Indonesia. He created hundreds of television promotions, a few commercials and music videos from diverse popular artists. Now Almer is ready to build inhousekreasi production into a place of excellent creativity, pushing it towards greatness within his home land’s creative industry.